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Student Science Lessons

Engaging, Informative, and Entertaining Content

STEM Ed Today Science Lessons are created for students who are passionate about science and technology. Our lessons focus on presenting science facts, explaining how things work, and covering NGSS science standards. We aim to help students better understand the world around them through engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Get your students excited about science with our Standards Based Lessons! With hands-on activities, multimedia resources, and real-world examples, your students will be engaged and motivated to learn.

7 Step Learning Framework

You'll learn through STEM Ed Today's 7 Step Learning Framework: recall, notate, read, write, watch, craft, and test. First, we'll start with the recall section to help spark your memory about today's lesson. Next, you will take notes about important facts. After, you will read a story about the subject to help build your understanding. Later, you will explain your learning through writing which helps develop your scientific learning. Nearing the end, you will watch a video that helps explain the concept and better solidify your understanding through visual representation. After, you will have a hands-on project that will let you show off your newly learned skills. Last, you will be tested so we can see what you may need to study more of. Whichever the case, you will have a comprehensive learning experience with this lesson.

Lessons By Grade

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Students
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